User Instructions

User Instructions:
  • 1. GATHER the paperwork for each Hazardous Material (HM) shipment on the trailer.
  • 2. IDENTIFY the HM “Class” of each HM shipment or item on the trailer.
  • 3. SELECT the HM “Class” for the HM shipment or item from the pull-down “Class” list below. Note:If the “Class” is not on the list, we DO NOT HAUL the HM class -- see your supervisor.
  • 4. ENTER the proper “UN/NA#” for the HM shipment or item in the entry field next to the selected “Class”.
  • 5. ENTER the weight (in pounds) of the item in either the “Non-Bulk” or “Bulk” field. Note: “Bulk” packaging - for LIQUID containers of capacity greater than 119 gallons, for SOLID containers of net capacity greater than 882 pounds, and for GAS containers of capacity greater than 1,000 pounds.
  • 6. LEAVE the “Subsidiary” field blank and then SELECT “ADD” to process your entries.
  • 7. REPEAT steps # 2 to # 6 for each of the HM shipments or items on the trailer.
  • 8. After all HM items and shipments have been added, SELECT “Submit”. Note: The screen will display the HM items, load warnings, and the required HM PLACARD.
  • 9. ENTER the trailer number these shipments are loaded on and SELECT “Print”.
  • 10. A report will PRINT with all HM items by class; follow the load warnings and apply required HM PLACARD
  • Forward Air does not transport:
    • All 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
    • 1.5 Explosives
    • All 2.3 and 6.1 PIH classes
    • Organic Peroxide 5.2 Type B
    • 6.2 Infections substances and Radioactive III
Any questions or safety concerns Call Roger Ecker Office: 574-236-2250 Cell: 574-274-4505 If unreachable contact Al Slobodian Office: 404-362-2458
  • Radioactive white I or yellow II never require placards.

  • Class
  • UN/NA#
  • Non Bulk
  • Subsidiary
Kilogram to Pound Converter
Kg    =    Lb
  • Required Placards